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Sweet Home Alabama.

It doesn’t mean much to some people, but it means everything to us. We’re not all from Alabama, but we’re proud to call it home. There is a movement of people, fans, if you will, that love this place. We know we’re the underdogs, and that’s ok. Sometimes it’s said out loud, others it’s not, but we know we’re all in this together, and we’re on the verge of breaking through.

Alabama Capital Network was formed in 2017 to be a catalyst in the startup ecosystem. We exist to help accelerate the growth of new business. Our mission, and our passion, is helping build the startup ecosystem in Alabama. We do this by providing entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, and explorers access to the capital and support they need to take their idea to the next level. We’re not just about getting entrepreneurs in front of investors, we’re dedicated to helping build the ecosystem, and putting our finger on the scales of these companies’ success. It starts with capital, but it’s so much more.


Our vision is to help each entrepreneur we work with to find their path to success. Our board and leadership team have hundreds of years of combined experience ranging from running multi-billion dollar corporations to founding dozens of startups that have resulted in hundreds of jobs created in Alabama, while injecting hundreds of millions into the local economy.

Leveraging the power of our network, our goal is to maximize the entrepreneur’s chances of success.


Everyone at ACN is an active investor. We love the thrill of the hunt. Of finding new ideas and idea makers, and taking them to the next level. We’re dedicated to finding and bringing to you the best founders and ideas with the greatest chances of success. We’re going to search far and wide, and we’ll get involved at varying stages of the startup journey. Our commitment to investors is to bring you diversity of ideas, a robust funnel, and concise presentations. You’re busy – you need the right facts, quickly, and ready to interpret and act on. We’re on it.


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