Alabama Capital Network is the state’s nexus of innovation and investment. We provide investors access to the leading entrepreneurs in Alabama, and facilitate in-depth networking before, during, and after startups raise capital. Membership at ACN provides individual and corporate investors exclusive year-round opportunities to build relationships with both investors and entrepreneurs, see new and exciting growing companies, and invest alone or in federation with other investors at your discretion.

Since our founding in 2017, more than $20M has been raised through connections facilitated by ACN, and numerous startups have gone on to significant success.

Each year our team vets more than 200 startup opportunities across the state of Alabama, and brings you the best of the best for your further evaluation. We not only identify the startups, but we also provide extensive background and research through multiple meetings with our team, network of members and advisors, and potential clients. ACN does not make investment recommendations, but we do seek to introduce only those companies that meet the highest standards in growth potential.

As part of your membership, you are also investing in our state economy. We exist to identify, challenge, nurture, and accelerate entrepreneurs toward their goal of building world class companies. Our very DNA means we are working hard to produce more successful companies that bring new outside dollars to Alabama through sales revenue, as well as generate thousands of high paying jobs. We also collaborate and coordinate regularly with other economic development partners like the EDPA, BBA, Commerce Department, BCA, and university tech transfer offices to ensure synergy, not duplication of efforts and services.

Membership benefits in ACN include:

  • Quarterly startup pitches in Birmingham and on Zoom. We plan to also begin hosting startup pitches in other cities across Alabama in the coming months
  • Regular events allow you to network with likeminded investors and share insights and deal opportunities – ACN hosts quarterly startup pitch events as well as regular happy hours with investors and entrepreneurs throughout the year
  • Exposure to startups as soon as they’re identified through our members-only website – be the first to see unique Alabama-based startups as they develop their businesses and go to market.
  • Opportunities that advance through our review process will receive a proprietary scorecard with in-depth insights on more than a dozen key metrics. (Available in late 2021)
  • Invites to early screening events – tell us your sector/topic interests and we’ll ask you to join our early screening calls with entrepreneurs

As a private investor, the expense of hiring a freelancer to research deals and creating deal flow would quickly surpass an annual ACN membership within a week or two. Joining our network will provide access to early investment opportunities year-round that are only seen by a small, limited group of members. Joining not only takes the headache out of the initial legwork, it also provides you access to regular meetings and networking opportunities with other investors, where investing synergies happen regularly.


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